Phoenix Suns, You Are Dead Wrong

May 5th, 2010 by Jim Folsom Leave a reply »
Firstly, let me be clear. I do not hate Mexican people. I have very dear friends who are Mexican. In fact I am going to a ball game this week with one of them. His last name is Gonzalez. We have been friends for years and during baseball season we probably go to a game a week together.

Every time we hang up the phone he ends the conversation with a "God Bless you, brother." Before my last move, my next door neighbors were (or the wife was) Mexican. A sweet lady. Her kids and mine are still best friends. We go see them as often as we can. I still text them almost every day.

I am not anti-immigration either. If you want to come here through the proper channels, come on in. If you want to work here on the books, pay in to Social Security, pay income taxes, and spend your money here and OBEY THE LAW, I have no problem with you being here.

I am quite sure if you polled most residents of Arizona, they feel the same way. This is not about hate. It's not about anti- immigration. It's about obeying and enforcing THE LAW!

IT's the government's main job for crying out loud. And as usual, they are doing a piss poor job. We have people flooding ...

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