One Basketbal Fan’s Painful Admission About the Triangle Offense

December 24th, 2009 by Jose Salviati Leave a reply »
As a kid I hated onions.  Now, to the dismay of those unfortunate enough to be within sniffing distance of me after lunch, I love them.

Never cared for school when I was forced to attend.  Now, I love learning new things and don't enjoy not understanding something.

Reading and writing were as necessary as two extra teeth embedded in my elbow growing up.  Today, I can't go a day without indulging in one or the other.  Most days, I do both.

When the Bulls were winning all those championships I watched their games, like most everyone else did, to watch Michael Jordan.  I didn't watch because their offense was all that exciting.  Honestly, it was boring.

There was no point guard to speak of.  I was born into basketball watching Magic Johnson look right and pass left.  When you are raised on the greatest PG to ever play the game anything without something at least in the vicinity of that role is, well, boring.

The triangle offense is boring!

Even describing it is boring.  Try to read this excerpt detailing the offense all the way through.  Try it, I dare you.  I double-dog dare you!

The offense starts when a ...

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