Once Upon a Time There Was Something Called Showtime

July 31st, 2010 by Ron Richardson Leave a reply »
If you never saw Showtime growing up you wouldn't believe it. If you were old enough to see it in the '80s, you probably still didn't believe it. The Lakers with Pat Riley at the helm simply destroyed teams. They say, "History always repeats itself" and I think it's going to very soon!

Showtime... a team could be playing even with the Lakers and feeling good about themselves, then two minutes later they're down 10 or 12 and wondering what the hell just happened. A turnover or two, a couple of fast breaks off a rebound or a missed shot and all of a sudden the game is no longer close... and it's just the first quarter for god sake! With Magic Johnson leading the break and Worthy, Scott or Green on the wings it wasn't fair. Any player who tried to stop it just ended up looking stupid, or worse eating one of Worthy's tomahawk dunks!

The NBA has never seen an offensive force like "Showtime" before, but it might again this coming season, and here's why. Lebron is the closest thing to Magic Johnson I've ever seen. Now picture Lebron on the break with Wade and Bosh (or even Miller) on the wings. A couple of turnovers, a couple of missed baskets a ...

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