NY Knicks and Chicago Bulls Fracas a Sign the NBA Needs to Simmer Down Now

December 22nd, 2012 by Jesse Dorsey Leave a reply »
When the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks came to a 110-106 finish in their weekend romp, there were a lot of questions left and almost no answers after a series of unfortunate events that resulted in four players being tossed from the game.

On the surface, it's just another game in the middle of December that's going to have no bearing on how these two teams will play each other if they end up meeting in the playoffs.

Each team is missing key components and could possibly end up making moves before the trade deadline.

However, the real reason this game is meaningless, aside from the fact that one team won and the other lost, is that it was completely out of control—the referees were never a productive part of this game.

Normally, when you hear a person complaining about referees, it's because they believe that their team was jobbed and given an unfair shot at winning because of some questionable calls.

In this case, the referees were fine calling the game relatively even; they just inconsistently and inefficiently officiated the game:


Its been pretty much prison rules in thi ...

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