New York Knicks Need Allen Iverson If They Want LeBron James.

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"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it" -Joseph Goebbels

Allen Iverson is not washed up at all. They want you to believe this. They, is the media that have hated Iverson for all the wrong reasons for so that "they" bash his basketball ability because "they" think "they" can.

Those same people said Iverson needed to take less shots and get more assists. So when he did that, they said he was washed up. In a bad situation in Detroit, where Iverson sacrificed by taking 14 shots and playing 27 minutes and not getting as many touches, people called it a horrible season and said he should retire.

Yet, when guys like Mo Williams and Jameer Nelson had stats worse than this, and still made the all-star game, people made it seem like they had one of the best seasons ever. Iverson started what these NBA executives and media members hate.

The cornrows, the hip-hop clothing before games, the athletes making rap albums, the tattoos, and he was the first guy that had the guts to speak his mind every time.

When you already hate somebody, and somebody comes and tells you something nega ...

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