NBA’s Fab Five: Shooting Guards

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Since the great Michael Jordan represented the No. 23 on his Chicago Bulls jersey, the shooting guard position has arguably been the most exciting spot on the floor in the NBA.

Also known as 2 guards, these players can do anything from shooting mid-range jumpers and slashing to the rim, to running the offense and making their teammates noticeably better on the court.  

Today, the typical shooting guard is ball-dominant, although you do tend to run into those who are excellent playing without the ball in their hands, such as Detroit’s Richard Hamilton and Boston’s Ray Allen.

Shooting guards love a good screen, and the elite players welcome the defensive attention, not only to draw defenders away from their opponents, but to increase the chances of drawing a foul as well.

The following five shooting guards are all-stars, franchise players, and most of the time, the key component to their team's success in both the regular season and the playoffs.

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