NBA Workhorses: Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant & the Top 25 Baddest Work Ethics

November 22nd, 2010 by Pat Mixon Leave a reply »
Success is not just talent alone. The list of talented players who never made a career in the NBA could circle the earth. The league is full of individuals who possessed super talents, super skills but failed to make it or stay in the NBA. And, it's not surprising why.

Sure, players could get by on talent alone in high school. The superior talented ones even slipped by in college. While they found success and were coddled, this actually was there undoing.  They had the wrong attitude. Their success really wasn’t a result of a work ethic or an approach but relied solely on talent.

But, the NBA has too many players that have both talent and a work ethic. If you only have one, you can’t compete. You must have both. 

We're NOT talking just superstars, either. Although, typically, when you combine great talent with driven work ethic, it can be a formula for superstar. But that won't be only who we look at.

We want guys with the baddest work ethic, period. Regardless of role, status, you name it. (So, don't expect this to just be a list of All-Stars!)

So, who then has transcended the average and sits on top o ...

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