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 In my previous article "Rebuild Stage", I talked about all the things the Raptors are working on, and who they are trading and who they might end up trading. Well now as I've seen from many sources, the stage has begun.

This team has definitly been through some struggles, as they seem far from success, although to get there you have to start somewhere right? Well let me take you through the latest of the rumours and draft speculations out there.

Hedo Turkoglu

The latest news from Hedo from sources stage that Bryan Collangelo has already worked together a trade with an unnamed team to trade Turkoglu on Draft day. This could help the raptors aquire 2 new pieces for their new franchise, and get rid of one of their biggest contracts weighing down the team.

Jose Calderon

Now Jose has been in many trade discussions, but that has not changed yet. It seems the Raptors still have Jose on the table up for trades, but in return they arn't looking for another point guard. So scratch that Moe Williams rumour for the 2010-2011 list. From the most recent news for Jose, it is said that if Bosh decides to leave Toronto in a sign ...

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