NBA Referees: The Newest Endangered Species?

April 2nd, 2010 by Harrison Moore Leave a reply »

The level of speed and intensity seen daily in the NBA is often taken for granted.

As fans and analysts, we have the benefit of examining details of the game through zoomed in replays and all forms of camera angles. Referees on the other hand make split second decisions without the benefit of either.

The NBA has made their job a little easier, allowing 3-point shots to be reviewed and ultimately reduced pending evidence, but the fast-paced nature of basketball doesn’t afford its referees many more breaks than that.

With all of these demands, one can understand why the power referees hold over games is unquestionable.  

The official reasoning behind referees’ power to dish out technical fouls or eject players and coaches is that it enables them to remove anything that would distract them from officiating the game – but it's more than that.

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