NBA Rankings: The 50 Greatest Players and 50 Biggest Cities

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The 2010 Census is over and the bureau has released new numbers which tabulate the population of the largest cities in the U.S. 

These are the 50 largest cities in the US and their NBA counterparts, and why each player fits the city he ranks with:  Hey, at least this is original! Get an education kids:

2010-11 Biggest cities and greatest player ever up to 2010-11

#50 - Wichita Kansas - 383,475 people - Jerry Lucas - they are both all American  and yet hardly anyone knows about either.

#49 - Arlington Texas - 390,718 people - Mark Aguirre - a growing city and a player that grew on fans when he won a couple of titles.

#48 - Minneapolis Minnesota - 391,879 people - Gary Payton - Payton would leave your offense out in the cold, and Minneapolis is always cold.

#47 - Tulsa Oklahoma - 394,658 people - Robert Parish - a quiet city that is big. Parish was a big 7' quiet man.

#46 - Colorado Springs Colorado - 399,903 people - Bernard King - up there in elevation, and BK was up there in scoring. Way up there.

#45 - Oakland California - 420,937 people - Kevin McHale - Oak town gets do ...

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