NBA Random Thoughts: Talk of Teeth, Politics, and Twitter Rule the NBA Week

December 22nd, 2009 by Jose Salviati Leave a reply »
No such thing as a boring week in the NBA.

Dirk's new teeth

It's a wonder it doesn't happen more often. 

Nowitzki drives to the hoop with elbows and legs flying.  Carl Landry sets to take the charge.  Apparently, with his mouth open.  Dirks elbow, meet Carl's teeth.  Landry's teeth apparently took a liking and decided to stick around. 

The collision dislodged five of Landry's teeth with two embedded into Nowitzki's elbow.  Ouch!

The look on Nowitzki's face after the contact was, well, interesting.  He knew something was wrong. He knew it hurt more than he expected it to, but you could tell by the look in his face he didn't know WHAT was different about this pain.

Maybe I tore a muscle?  Maybe I broke a bone?  Maybe I have teeth in my elbow!!!

I bet that last one never crossed him mind.

Foul was called on Landry.  I guess his teeth were inside the restricted area.

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