NBA Power Rankings: 9 Teams Who Could Hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy

January 1st, 2011 by Kelly Scaletta Leave a reply »
The year 2010 is over and the year 2011 has begun.

In a few months, a new team—or perhaps the same team—will be handling the Larry O'Brien trophy. Of the 30 teams in the NBA, there are 19 who have effectively no chance. There are two whose chances once looked better, but now are diminishing albeit for different reasons, and a few teams who will make the playoffs, but won't go far. 

For research I utilized two separate predictors, the Hollinger Playoff Odds and Basketball Reference's Playoff Probabilities Report. The teams in this slide show are based on the averages of those two objective rankings with a dash of common sense. While some opinion is spiced in, these are largely objective. Probabilities and records are based solely on the objective reports. Essentially teams that have at least a one percent chance by the average objective listings are the teams that follow. There are two exceptions to this, and they are explained. 

You're probably thinking, why a top nine list? What's wrong with a top 10? Well, there's only nine teams that realistically have a chance. Unfortunately, reality doesn't always fit into n ...

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