NBA Power Rankings 2010 of Anti Kobe Bryants: 10 Biggest Choke Artists

August 10th, 2010 by Ross Lipschultz Leave a reply »
The NBA has played host to some of the most clutch human beings alive.

Larry Bird. Jerry West. Kobe Bryant.

These are the type of guys anyone would drop tons of money in Vegas because it’s a lock they will come through.

And then, there are guys like Chris Webber.

Professional choke artists.

Webber was the antithesis of a choke artist. His no-timeout fiasco in college is known by all sports fans, and he never could get his teams over the hump while in the NBA.

But C-Webb took his talents to TNT, and that’s harder to screw up. Although I’m sure getting in Charles Barkley’s way in the buffet line is one way to do it.

So who takes his place now?

While there will be some people who disagree, as usual, just know that these aren’t the only choke artists, but they fall under my definition of “chokers.”

My definition:  People who can’t pull through when it matters. 

Honestly, some of these guys aren’t trustworthy enough to tie their own shoes. But who are they?

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