NBA Playoff Success: The 23 Most Successful Shooting Guards

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It's playoff time and Richard Jefferson, Manu Ginobili, Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant are some of the few shooting guards left in contention for a title. To pay homage to old number 23, Michael Jordan, and his 6-0 finals record and MVP's, this list names the top 23 shooting guards to ever scorch the hoops in the playoff scene.

#23 - John Starks - Never won it all but almost did, if it wasn't for #23, and bad shooting in game 7 vs. Houston in 1994.

#22 - Latrell Sprewell - Remember how the Knicks almost did it in 1999? Sprewell was the fire inside the team, but Duncan and Robinson doused it, so did shooter Sean Elliot.

#21 - Penny Hardaway - In 1995, the Magic lost 0-4 to the Rockets but penny did his thing. They lost because...well...Olajuwn was unstoppable and Drexler was taking Penny.

   #20 - Allen Iverson - Made it that once (2001), but lost. He's here because he was the main part of the offense for his team, at only 6'0".

#19 - Reggie Miller - Hit all the big ones all the time, except in the Finals (2000). How sad is it that Miller only made it to the big dance once? 

#18 - Richard Jefferson - ...

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