NBA Players Are Getting Greedy, They’ve Forgotten Where They Came from

October 14th, 2011 by Avi Scher Leave a reply »
The NBA players are making an average of $5.1 million a year. All-Stars are making up to $20 million a year and can have a five-year guaranteed contract—that's $100 million in five years (not including commercials, campaigns…etc)! Players are tweeting that they are sorry for us, but we need to understand them. Understand what?

Players are also tweeting that the owners are to blame because they are not willing to give the players over 50 percent of the profits the teams make each year.

Do the players know where their salaries come from? Do they know who pays them?

Is $5.1 million a year not enough to provide for a family?

Do the players know what's going on in the economic world today?

Looks like the players are just thinking about themselves.  

Are they really expecting us to forgive them when they say they are sorry for the fans that the season is being delayed?

They should be sorry, mostly because most of us work 8-to-5 (or later), and we won't be seeing $5 million in our lifetime.

Don't get me wrong, the players work very hard to keep in shape all year long and ...

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