NBA News: Crazy Dunk Video’s & 30 New Year’s Resolutions!

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For once we'll do this without any preamble. On your right, an eye-popping  series of great dunk videos, (a killer Pete Maravich too), on your left, starting from worst to first a New Year's Resolution for each of the NBA's clear overabundance of franchises.  

Why do we say overabundance? Read on and you'll see for yourself. 


Sacramento Kings 7-24: To never play another game in the month of November.

They started the season off plausibly enough at 3-4. Then October turned and the Sacramento Kings lapsed entirely, going 2-11 in the month of November, setting off a god-awful beginning to a season almost entirely lost at this point, as the once proud franchise now broaches the very depths of basketball humanity.

Assuming the league turns down their petition, the Kings might want to pick up and consider a move to Las Vegas where the Maloof brothers have major in-roads and the players can be rewarded for improved play by unlimited lap dances at some of the city's finer evening establishments.


Cleveland Cavaliers 8-24: To gather some left over LeBron James ...

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