NBA Lockout: Why the Players Should Embrace the NFL’s Incentive Based Contract

July 2nd, 2011 by Luke Johnson Leave a reply »
Drum roll, please: enter Derek Fisher, lead general for the NBPA.

Continue drum roll: On the other side, mega names like Paul Allen and Jerry Buss with their wallets fixed, arms folded.

The war ensues.

Welcome to the NBA lockout, a battle nest in the trenches of "I want, you want" argumentation with no end in sight.

In an American economy built around a dog-eat-dog paradigm of capitalism, multiple misinformed ideals have led the players down a wrongful path.

Their incessant need for guaranteed long-term contacts with no performance bonus structure is a display of ignorance at its finest.

The owners, meanwhile, desire shorter contract length, harsher free agent standards and revenue sharing to ease the burden on small market teams.

Every economist knows what makes the Internet business age go round: its capital, predicted capital and the two percent Aristocratic society that then directs that capitals interest.

The Lateral growth model is an economic model that simply does not work. Rather, what benefits the economy more is ...

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