NBA Lockout: What Can Be Achieved

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Pessimism is in the air for news on the NBA lockout. It is looking like a dead end, so now, as fans when there is no hope, think of the actual meaning of the NBA lockout.

The NBA lockout seems to be at a dead end and to miss games, it's looking inevitable. So as fans, instead of paying attention to get a deal done, pay attention to a deal that can be done. Many fans, don't realize that there are details to the NBA lockout, and it's not only about the timing but it's about a deal which will be done.

The owners are seeking a hard cap, which would make the NBA a whole lot more fair in several views. Teams are excessively going over the cap, like Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, Portland Trail Blazers, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, and a few more teams.

A hard cap will make the leagues payroll more even, as it seems unfair when teams like the Sacramento Kings, and Denver Nuggets, near a $30 million payroll, compared to the Los Angeles Lakers who have near a $90 million payroll.

Revenue sharing seems to be more of a problem than it is. The players recent idea points out a 53% revenue sharing split, which seems significantly ...

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