NBA Free Agency: 10 Backup Plans if the Cavs Can’t Re-Sign LeBron James

July 6th, 2010 by Eric Felkey Leave a reply »
Every day that goes by and LeBron James remains silent on his pending free agency decision, the anxiety and tension inside me grows to the point where I think I physically can't take it anymore. For weeks after the Boston Massacre, I prepped myself for LeBron leaving. After all, there was only one way he could seriously consider leaving: if the Cavs totally collapsed in the playoffs before reaching the Finals, there were major changes in the organization (not necessarily ones for the better, but panic changes), and James needing a fresh start somewhere else to wipe off the stench of Cleveland failure completely. Check for the first two points...the third one is still up in the air. But in the last few days, amidst all of the reports, breaking news, and rumors from writers and bloggers alike (hey Stephen A., how's that Bosh-Wade-James guarantee to play in Miami looking now?), I've flip-flopped on my stance. After the Cavs' pitch to James' camp, the overwhelming show of support from the fans and city, the fact that Bosh and Wade are just as undecided on their plans, and New York's "we're the Knicks, why would you not want to play for us" presentation, I don't see a scenario that ...

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