NBA Finals: Lakers’ Dream Matchup or Nightmare?

May 31st, 2010 by Paul Peszko Leave a reply »

Well, it's finally here, the NBA dream matchup - the Lakers vs. the Celtics.  Many have said it is a matchup made in Heaven, which, in this case, is located in David Stern’s office at NBA headquarters in New York.

But for the Los Angeles Lakers, could it be a nightmare? 

I believe Boston has the better all-around team for the same reasons that I thought and still think, despite the outcome, that the Suns had the better all-around team in the Western Conference Finals.

With Bynum playing on one good leg, the Celtics’ starters most likely have an advantage over the Lakers’ starters except for two factors.  First, Kevin Garnett may not be playing on good legs either.  We won’t know for sure until the series gets under way.  Second, and perhaps more importantly, Kobe Bryant, if healthy and rested, can single-handedly make up any advantage that an opposing team has.

But the real problem for Phil Jackson all season has been his nightmare bench.

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