NBA Daily Dribbles: Extended Stay in New York for Tracy McGrady?

February 22nd, 2010 by Patrick DeCola Leave a reply »

What I’m Reading

• So T-Mac can still play. Duh. In other news, the Knicks may have to part with David Lee if they intend on making a run for LeBron. They’re OK with that…Duh.

• Good one, Utah. Make your franchise point guard upset, why don’t you?

• So much for the Clippers being a realistic option for LeBron in 2010-2011.

• The Pistons know their weakness. They’re tiny. But they didn’t do anything at the deadline to help themselves out. Maybe this summer?

• Drew Gooden is quickly becoming Joe Smith. This is not a good thing for Drew Gooden.


What I Think About It


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