NBA Admits Atlanta Hawks Were Hosed on Pivotal Game 6 Call

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The NBA admitted that it made an error on a foul committed with 3.1 seconds remaining from regulation in Game 6 of the Hawks-Celtics first-round matchup. 

Celtics forward Marquis Daniels committed a foul prior to Marvin Williams releasing the in-bounds pass, meaning Atlanta should have had a free-throw attempt and still retained possession of the basketball. 

Instead, the NBA officials ruled that the foul occurred after Williams' throw-in, and the Hawks essentially re-did the possession with the foul not harming the Celtics.

Atlanta trailed 81-79 at the time, and Hawks forward Al Horford ended up missing one of two free throws on the possession, icing the game and the series for the Celtics. 

One extra free throw for the Hawks in the waning moments of the game completely changes the complexion of the series. 

The NBA admitted fault, and here is their statement found here: 

During the last two minutes of the fourth period or overtime, if a personal foul is assessed against the defensive team prior to the ball being released on a throw-in, it is considered an Away-From-The-Play Foul a ...

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