Nash, Kwame, and the Boston Celts: NBA Potpourri

November 13th, 2009 by Aaron Torres Leave a reply »
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You know, they say the best things happen when you least at expect them.

For some, it might be finding a winning lottery ticket on the side of the road. For others, meeting the love of your life in line at the grocery store (What, it happened in that Reese Witherspoon movie. Why can’t it happen to me?).

As for me? It was the opening night of the NBA season when I realized that I had free NBA League Pass for a whole week. It was like an early Christmas, except in this case, well I got something I actually wanted (no, seriously grandma if you’re reading, I loved the wool socks, I really did).

Watching 12 games a day for seven days in a row is exhilarating, and a lot to take in. Luckily for you, my loyal readers, I took notes.

And here’s what I learned, in what I like to call my “NBA Potpourri”

There Are Four Teams That Have Exceeded My Expectations:
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