MJ? Why LeBron James Won’t Even Be The Best SF Of All-Time

June 22nd, 2010 by Alec Brown Leave a reply »
LeBron, I still haven't witnessed anything. You proclaim yourself as "The King," or "Chosen One." Chosen to do what? Never win a ring? Blow up when it matters? Sure you're great, but you won't even go down as the best small forward of all-time. 

I like LeBron, don't get me wrong.  Some of you may have read my article on the most overrated athletes in sports. LeBron was number one. I would just like to clarify that I am not a LeBron hater. I hate Kobe Bryant, the person, not the player, so he has nothing to do with my opinion on LeBron. I want LeBron to succeed. I just don't feel he will. In this article, I break down why LeBron isn't even going to be the best small forward of all-time.

He Hasn't Won Anything

I am not one of those guys who slams players about not winning rings. Mark Messier would have still been an amazing hockey player without a ring. Peyton Manning still would have been the best QB of all-time without a ring. Dan Marino and Ted Williams are still legends in their sport. I have nothing against those who don't win the "Big Game."

But I am one man. I am not Jim Rome or Dan Patrick, someone who can say som ...

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