Michael Jordan: Why He Was a Better Shooter Than Kobe Bryant

January 4th, 2011 by Adrian Vicente Leave a reply »
In August of 2010, I published on Bleacher Report a 6,010-word piece ranking the 20 greatest shooters in NBA history.  The article received over 15,000 reads, 217 comments, 104 likes on Facebook and was tweeted across the world by a bunch of strangers, including a young man in Venezuela named Carlos.

Anyhow, one of the main reasons the piece received so many comments was due to the simple fact that Michael Jordan ranked No. 3 on my list and Kobe Bryant was nowhere to be found.  I did add a note saying that Kobe was a great shot-maker, but more of the inconsistent volume variety (like Allen Iverson).  Despite the reality Jordan was the deadliest mid-range shooter ever, madness ensued.

Of course, Kobe lovers came out in full force to defend Kobe, emphasizing how the L.A. Lakers star was the significantly better long-range shooter.  Most of these fans claimed Jordan was a poor three-point shooter and thus, mindfully didn't attempt many.

I'd like to revisit this aspect of the argument and once and for all prove Jordan was not only equally as good as Kobe from three-point land, but actually better.  Doubters and haters are goi ...

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