Miami’s LeBron James under the Microscope: Why the Hatred Is Unwarranted

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We are all witnesses.

Imagine anything you do and everything you say being monitored. Think about that. There is always someone watching. Every move. Every word.

This is the life of NBA superstar and new Heat addition LeBron James.

I’m not saying anyone should feel bad for the man. After all, he is set to earn over $14 million this season for playing a game that 99.9 percent of people play for pure fun, and that’s without taking endorsement money into consideration.

Still, close your eyes for a second.

Go back in your head and retrace everything you said and did over the last few days. Now imagine those recent events replayed on the jumbotron at a stadium with billions upon billions of people from all different backgrounds in the stands. The odds are strong that someone, anyone, would take offense to something you said or did, right?

The latest criticism surrounding James—and there has been an awful lot of it these last few months—has been about race.

In an interview with CNN, Soleda ...

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