Miami Heat Won’t Win a Title With LeBron James Running the Show

December 21st, 2010 by John Santagata Leave a reply »
It’s becoming an all too familiar scene.

Monday night’s home loss to the Dallas Mavericks exposed it, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade deny it, but the Heat won’t win a title until they fix it.

It's James standing at the top of the three-point circle, waving his teammates away in the midst of (what else?) calling an isolation play for himself. He then both bullies his way to the hoop and misses a layup or dribbles once left and elevates for an air ball.

Ball game. Heat lose.

As I said, it’s becoming an all too familiar scene.

Simply put, the Heat won't be winning a championship any time soon with LeBron running the show. Wade is the go-to guy on this team and it’s obvious. A third of the way through this highly anticipated season has been more than enough time to see why LeBron never won squat in Cleveland.

Too bad LeBron can’t see it too.

He's still playing for himself. Rarely are the two on the court at the same time, making it more obvious who the team plays better around. With Wade having free roam while LeBron’s on the bench, the Heat offense take ...

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