Miami Heat: The Travails of LeBron James, the Team and the Price of Winning

December 1st, 2010 by Rahil Devgan Leave a reply »
LeBron James is perhaps the most physically talented and gifted basketball player since Chicago’s No. 23.

We marvel at his visionary passing skills, overlook his inaccurate jumper and promptly declare it only a matter of time before he joins the pantheon of the all-time greats.

And it might not be entirely wrong to do so, because we tend to hold athletes to entirely different standards of accountability. The morality of their actions is always expounded and the slightest infraction is pounced upon with glee for the whole world to ridicule.

The pattern continues. We offer them a chance at redemption...a chance not to right their wrongs but a chance to win. And when they succeed, we conveniently forget and inevitably forgive.

There are some whose cycles are complete, the tryst in Colorado long forgotten and the purple and gold glitter now fresh in memory.

There are others still in the redemption process, searching desperately for success on the field because somehow, they know it will cast a translucent veil upon their shortcomings.

These acts will eventually enter the realm of the subconscious, the kind th ...

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