Miami Heat Melodrama: “South Beach Superteam” Too Much for the NBA To Handle?

July 14th, 2010 by Hotnuke Leave a reply »
OK, it’s been just about a week since LeBron James made his “Decision” on national television, effectively (albeit unintentionally) ripping the heart right out of Cleveland Cavaliers fans everywhere, and simultaneously giving every fan of basketball south of the Florida-Georgia state line a reason to feel like a kid at Christmas who’s just woken up to find he got every present he’d ever dreamed of.

The outrage over the “Decision” didn’t just come from Cavaliers fans, either.

There was no dearth of articles being written by those in the mainstream sports media and here on Bleacher Report, as well as thousands of comments posted in response to those articles and on blogs expressing equal parts disdain, anger, bitterness, and envy from fans of the Lakers, Bulls, Knicks, Nets, etc.

As Greg Cote of The Miami Herald put it in his piece titled Outrage over Miami Heat is hypocritical, amusing, “LeBron James turned from adored to abhorred overnight, apparently.”

As Cote also notes, Miami in particular, and South Florida in general, have instantly been transformed into the region of Am ...

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