Miami Heat: Identity, Not Unfamiliarity, Is Polluting the Team

November 12th, 2010 by David Weiss Leave a reply »
The Miami "Heat" are currently 5-4 after their second straight loss at home.

The first loss was against a Jazz team Miami had on the ropes, up by 20 points, before giving the game away to them in a tightly sealed envelope. It was signed: "Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas! Be sure and come back now!"

The second loss came last night against the Boston Celtics, a team united by hatred. A team that not only rained on Miami's coming out party on opening day, but even had their fly unzipped for good measure. A team that loves to be hated as much as any other in any sport, ever. Yeah, they basically came into town, took Miami's lunch money, borrowed every Heat player's girlfriend for the night and even the keys to their car and home to boot. 

To their defense, the Heat have gone the politically correct route and said that the players are still getting familiar with each other's game. Excuse me, but didn't we see these guys play effectively with each other in the Olympics? Didn't we see them play in countless All-Star games alongside each other?

Was that an aberration? No! It was temporary. This is permanent. And their friendship has kept the ...

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