Miami Heat and the Sneaker Prophets: Fast Don’t Lie and Quick Can’t Be Caught

December 31st, 2010 by Reservoir God Leave a reply »
I got some great comments from a reader named E.J. regarding statements I made in a post about the Heat's speed advantage.

Here are a few of E.J.'s comments that I want to talk about:

I was thrown off from understanding you in the post by this line, I think: "The last three titles were decided by size. Those days are over. The NBA is about speed now." Which seems to imply that size teams can't be effective anymore. It still can, teams just have to have as much size talent as the Lakers or Celtics to do it.

It occurs to me that this is [David] Berri's "short supply of tall people" effect being exacerbated by hoarding, to the extent that teams are now trying to find game plans that just do without the tall people.

And I don't think it's too surprising that Boston chose to go the size route; size is the very deeply established wisdom in the NBA.

I actually don't think another team will win the NBA title with size in the next five years, because there aren't any dominant big men in the league right now but there are dominant speed players like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.'s David Thorpe made this point in an ...

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