Message to People Freaking Out Over Everything LeBron James Says

December 29th, 2010 by Karl Leave a reply »
Here's a video of a bunch of girls watching the results of American Idol:

All you people at B/R who freak out over every offhand comment LeBron James happens to make—this is what you are like. A bunch of hysterical girls. Time to cut it out.

Time to man up.  Do you need an image of what manning up looks like?  OK, picture this:

You go into an arena filled with 20,000 people who hate you, are booing you, calling you names, holding derisive signs up about you and you coolly proceed to rip the hearts out of their basketball team, maybe putting down a triple double in the process. 

Several times during the game, you drive to the basket like a freight train, and the defensive players (yes, likely more than one) want to foul you, try to foul you, bring their arms down and whack you across your arms, or shove you in the chest, all with the intention of at least preventing you from getting the shot up. 

But no, you just bust right through their hits and get the ball up to the rim or the backboard and it goes in. You step to the line, and now you reall ...

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