Memo to Cleveland Cavaliers Fans: Slavery Is Dead!

July 9th, 2010 by Jabber Head Leave a reply »
And no, I'm not talking about racism.

I'm talking about that one-way sense of entitlement that sports fans (and owners... especially ones named Dan Gilbert) selectively and conveniently acquire regarding players. All I've heard out of Cleveland since LeBron's "Decision" are words like "traitor," "disloyal," "cowardly," "betrayal," and those are just the ones repeatable on a family site.

I've also seen LeBron jerseys burned...which, while I get the point of the expression, just seems kind of rightfully silly to me to burn something that you paid good money for. But...if it's yours, you have the right to burn it. I just wish they'd send 'em to me instead and I'm a Lakers fan.

Better yet, there are some little kids somewhere who could care less about sports' politics, free agency, curses, or even rings and would love to have a LeBron jersey.

I've heard Cavs' fans accuse LeBron of being a taker and not a giver. I have no idea what they're talking about. When I was a kid, my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Flintstone, talked to me constantly about work ethic. They stressed that when working, I should work hard, work fast, and most impor ...

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