Memo To All the Miami Heat Haters: Deal With It

July 28th, 2010 by Tony Asci Leave a reply »

I just read yet another article filled with hateful complaints about the new-look Miami Heat.  This time, it was an article in the latest gossip-riddled Sports Illustrated.

As a die-hard Heat fan, I was ecstatic to hear that both Chris Bosh and LeBron James were signing contracts to play with the Heat along side Dwyane Wade. That excitement was quickly tempered, though, as I read blogs, articles, and reader comments bashing the trio for coming together as one team rather than continuing down their own professional paths as opponents.

I've been a Heat fan since day one: November 5, 1988.  I remember the 17-game losing streak.  I remember the team's first victory: oddly enough, on my birthday, December 14, against the LA Clippers.  I remember the Heat's first Home win versus the Jazz on December 23.

I remember "G-Money" Glen Rice, Steve Smith, Grant Long, and the franchise-debilitating waste known as Harold Miner.  I remember watching the Heat's first winning season in 1993-94, and the epic playoff series that it produced: No. 8 Miami vs. No. 1 Atlanta, an utter brawl (literally) from start to finish.

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