Los Angeles Clippers Win Over the Celtics Was More Than Just a “W”

December 28th, 2009 by Jose Salviati Leave a reply »
Back when Joe Torre was guiding the baseball team from New York to all those championships, there was one team his squad just couldn't seem to handle. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim had the Yankees' number back then and were the only team to hold a winning record against the Yankee machine during the Torre era.

The Clippers vs. Celtics doesn't hold the same "pizzaz" as a Yankees vs. Angels matchup does. Matter of fact, in the "pizzaz-meter" of one to 10, the matchup between one of the NBA's best and perennial NBA doormat struggles for a rating of 2.3.

Would you believe, however, that in the last eight matchups between the Green Team and Los Angeles red, white and blue, the team with the winning record leans to the left coast?

Clippers four wins, Celtics three.

That's right. The Clippers have won four of the last seven games against the Celtics.

None in more exciting fashion as last nights buzzer beater by a rejuvenated Baron Davis.

It's rare in sports to see a team's fortunes change quickly. When you struggle as a franchise it takes time to turn the tide. When you stay down too long people begin to associate you with failur ...

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