Los Angeles Clippers: It’s Time to Backoff and Appreciate Mike Dunleavy’s Team

December 2nd, 2009 by Jose Salviati Leave a reply »
It's easy to make fun of the helpless; to kick someone when they are down.  Heck, it's not only easy, it's fun.  Lions have long lived off the weakest gazelle and basketball fans have always felt better about their team by bashing the Clippers.

Net fan meets Celtic fan on a business trip. 

Celtic fan, "Hey, you're team sucks bad." 

Net fan, "Oh, yeah?  Well at least we went to the Finals in 2002." 

Celtic fan, "Yeah, but you stink BAD now." 

Net fan, "Brook Lopez is a stud." 

Celtic fan, "Yeah, but you haven't won a single game yet this year!"

Net fan, "Yeah, but the Clippers are really bad all the time." 

Celtic fan, "Yeah, but..." 

Net fan, "L.A. Clippers we aren't." 

Celtic fan, "Yeah, good point". 

Hearty laugh from both.

The iconic Charles Atlas print advertisements come to mind.  The skinny kid is at the beach with his best girl when some steroid-ish goliath kicks sand in his face!  He stands up to the bully but ultimately is humiliated and sulks home.  He is angry ...

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