Looking Back To Move Forward: NBA What Ifs

June 25th, 2010 by Charlie Scaturro Leave a reply »
Everyone (besides Ron Artest) knows we live in a world based in reality. And while it may be entertaining to think about what if, these thoughts won't change anything. But it’s certainly fun to wonder. The best part about sports “what ifs” is that, just like any other type of history, once you change one outcome, everything that follows after it is affected as well. Although this type of thinking doesn't change anything that has already taken place, it is a distinctly human way of reacting to, and thinking about, what has happened. Sometimes, people think about things this way because they are unhappy with the way things actually went, and they use the idea of an alternate reality as a source of comfort. Other times, this type of thinking is simply based in curiosity, and can lead to very stimulating thoughts and discussions. As we charge full steam ahead into one of the most influential NBA offseasons ever, we can be sure that, regardless of what happens, it will change the landscape of the NBA for the next decade. Before we plunge into a summer that will surely send shock waves through professional basketball, let’s take a look back at ...

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