LeBron James: Why All the Fuss If He’s No Good as a Player?

July 8th, 2011 by Karl Leave a reply »
Ever since Miami lost to Dallas in the finals and LeBron performed poorly, there has been plenty of anti-LeBron commentary on Bleacher Report, of which I see two categories.

One category contains expressions of dislike of LeBron as a person—he is arrogant, a fool, etc. And the second category holds dismissals of LeBron as a basketball player—he can’t shoot, has no post game, chokes in big moments, and so on.  This article is NOT about category No. 1.  So you don’t like the guy—whatever.  But, as far as category No. 2 goes, if you read Bleacher Report, you might start to wonder why there was ever so much fuss about this guy AS A PLAYER. 

Why did every team in the NBA court him, and why did millions hang on his decision, if he’s so worthless as a basketball player?

I though it might be a good time for a little reminder.  First, I’ll keep it simple.  LeBron was 26 years old last season.  Suppose we look at NBA history and compare LeBron’s output to this point with other players through their 26th year?  Let’s just do this: add points plus rebounds plus assists ...

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