LeBron James: Upon Further Review, He Made The Right Call

January 8th, 2011 by Jim Folsom Leave a reply »
Far be it from me to say anything nice about a guy who took great pleasure in taking a big dump on a fan base who adored him for seven years.

And I am not excusing LeBron James for his narcissistic hour long "Kiss my A--, Cleveland" spectacle to announce he was going to Miami.

BUT, looking at the latest NBA standings, it must be said the James made the right call basketball-wise.

Currently the Cavs sit at 8-27. Now granted they also lost Big Z to the Heat along with LeBron.

But 8-27? That just shows what little they gave LeBron to work with there. They still have Antawn Jamison and Moe Williams, right? And they still have the guy with the crazy hair, right? And together they've won eight out of 35? That's it?

So we all owe LeBron a bit of an apology I think. I don't care how great a player he is. I don't care how great ANYBODY is.

NOBODY, not even Michael Jordan, could win a championship with an 8-27 supporting cast. Want proof?

When Jordan was away playing baseball and making movies with Bugs Bunny, were the Bulls winning 20 games a year? No. They weren't winning titles anymore, but they were still ...

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