LeBron James: Top 12 Reasons He Deserves an Apology From All of Us

February 5th, 2011 by C Squared Townes Leave a reply »

Top Twelve Reasons LeBron James deserves an apology from all of us...

1. He took less money to go play for Miami.

Yes, I know, he’s still fabulously wealthy—I could probably find my annual salary in the creases of his couch—but, where I come from, more money is better than less money.  He could have made more money in NY with the endorsements. He could have made more money in salary in Cleveland. He took less and, alas, less is not more.

2. He sacrificed his reputation. 

Oh, you don’t think he knew that people would be upset? You think he wanted to watch his jersey being used as kindle on live TV? You think he enjoyed his decision being termed a ‘punk move’ by Charles Barkley?

3. He sacrificed his MVP award. 

Oh, you think it’s easy to win those? It’s a little known secret that MVP awards usually go to the best player, with ...

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