LeBron James, The Prodigal Son, and His Pursuit Of Championship Glory

July 9th, 2010 by Frances White Leave a reply »
The Summer of 'Le Decision' is officially over; Lebron has decided to vacate his throne for a chance to win championships as a Miami Heat.  

His way of announcing that decision did not sit well with Cleveland Cavalier owner, Dan Gilbert.  His comments were so scathing that ESPN had to call the Cavaliers PR team to confirm the truthfulness of the statement. 

He spoke of how they accommodated James and how the way he chose to announce his choice spoke of narcissism. Lebron never bothered to inform Gilbert before he spoke on national television.

Cleveland had become plugged into the matrix called LeBron James, for seven years they got their thrill and financial worth from his performances. Players still spoke badly about the town though, the Cleveland faithful didn't care they had Lebron.

The City of Cleveland had began to act like they owned him and he had no other choice but to remain in Lebron town.  A place where he was coddled and was able to continue living in an insular environment that kept him stuck in time mentally.

The NBA gods had gifted them a player that transcended basket ...

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