LeBron James: The Mentalist

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Why do the really dumb quotes stand out more than the smart ones?

Is it a statement on our society? Can we understand the dumb quotes more and that makes them easier to grasp than a smart, witty statement?

Is it that a really stupid quote is far more entertaining than a really intelligent one?

When Shaquille O'Neal let us all know that he had won on every level except for college and the pros, as sport fans we laughed ourselves silly because he had not won on the highest levels.

Then Shaq hooked up with two Hall of Fame coaches in Phil Jackson and Pat Riley, won four rings, and attained a level of redemption for his very silly quotes about his pre-championship days.

He did try to take that good will back with his free flow at a night club where he asked Kobe Bryant, numerous times, how his rump tastes.

A witty comeback I heard to that question was that it tasted like a couch, but I digress.

Patrick Ewing has found no redemption for his heroically stupid quote during the NBA lockout of 1999. You all remember this one, right? "We make a lot of money but we spend a lot of money."

Patrick Ew ...

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