LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers and a City’s Reaction

May 13th, 2010 by Dan Tylicki Leave a reply »
Perhaps I am not in the mindset to write this. Perhaps this is an article to be written tomorrow. Or perhaps this story needs to be told.

For the past two seasons, Lebron James has brought the Cleveland Cavaliers to a top seed in the playoffs. For two seasons now, we have been eliminated before our time. We were beaten by a rising Magic team last year, then an aging Celtics team this year.

The pain that Cleveland now feels, in what was meant to be the attempt to end all attempts in reaching a title, is hard to speak of. After all, we're used to this. We're used to pain, disappointment, but even though we know it's coming, it hurts. We see our superior team crumble before a team we had no business losing to, and we search for answers amongst the pain.

Yet, the reaction I feel, and the reaction others seem to feel in Cleveland, isn't anger. It's not pain, and it's only some disappointment. Instead, the reaction just feels oddly.. cool. Maybe it has not sunk in yet, but me and others just don't have that much in the way of feelings towards this.

Maybe it was watching Lebron play like a man on a mission. Unfortunately, it was the wrong mi ...

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