LeBron James: Should “The King” Be Impeached? What He Should Have Done

July 9th, 2010 by Dustin Brown Leave a reply »
We all know how ESPN rode the LeBron James tidal wave for weeks. "The Decision" was hyped beyond belief.

A soap opera could be compared to every sports channel you switched to. LeBron was on all of them.

Miami was James' choice, as we're all aware, but was it the right choice?

As many analysts would agree, the Chicago Bulls were definitely the smartest pick if he were really a "winner." Reggie Miller himself stated that if LeBron were a gamer, he'd challenge himself every night and join Carlos Boozer in addition to Derrick Rose. Chicago would have role players, where Miami doesn't.

How many players do Pat Riley and company have under contract? Five? How much cap space do they have? Barely any?

Without a halfway-decent bench, the Heat won't win games. LeBron and Chris Bosh will have 35-year-old knees by the time they're 30.

That's beyond the point, though. Bottom line: LeBron handled it immaturely, whether he was taking advice from his posse or not.

While he doesn't owe anything to Cleveland, a statement to the Cavs would've been appropriate in order for Dan Gilbert to start collecting free agents.
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