LeBron James Q&A (Humor)

November 3rd, 2010 by John Krenek Leave a reply »
By now everyone with a TV has seen the new LeBron James Nike commercial. But on the off chance that you don't watch TV, read a newspaper or browse the internet, a quick synopsis of LeBron's feeble attempt to defend his decision (no pun intended) goes a little something like this. . .

What should I do?

Actually, that's the whole commercial with a bunch of cheesy vignettes.

But since LeBron wants to ask the questions, I'll give the answers.

Q. LeBron: What should I do? Should I admit that I made mistakes?

A. JK: Good question, LeBron. Yes, you should admit that you made mistakes. You could start by admitting to the City of Cleveland that you gave them divorce papers to sign while keeping the engine running to get to your wedding with Miami. You should also admit that your nationally televised "I love some me" fest was handled poorly, and that given another opportunity, you would have held a regular press conference, while giving money out of your own pocket to the Boys & Girls Club.

Q. LeBron: Should I remind you that I've done this before?

A. JK: Perhaps maybe you should King James. Remind us all ...

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