LeBron James’ Free Agency: Where Nothing Stranger Than Fiction Happens

July 7th, 2010 by Euno Lee Leave a reply »
Humor me, America.

Come on, everyone knows where LeBron is going by now, haven't you heard?  He's staying in Cleveland.  If this whole media circus has done anything, it's affirmed how huge LeBron really is. 

In spite of all the media hoopla, however, this offseason has given me the perfect celebrity-comparison for LeBron.

LeBron James is the Kanye West of the NBA.  You heard me.

What am I referring to here?  Is it that Kanye has never won a Grammy for Album/Record of the Year and that LeBron has never won an NBA Championship?  Is it that they're both shamelessly attention-starved? 

Actually, it's that they both grossly overrate their significance. 

Kanye West, in case you've been hiding under a rock, is the sonically gifted, one-time hottest, and single most petulant hip-hop artist in America.  His antics range from posing as Jesus on Rolling Stone covers, dubbing himself a "genius", to running on stage at various awards shows after the winner is announced and blathering to anyone who will listen (usually the press) about how much he deserved ____ award. 

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