LeBron James Free Agency Saga: Where Will The King Take Up His Throne?

July 6th, 2010 by Evan Massey Leave a reply »
I've been hearing, reading, and watching all kinds of discussion about where LeBron James is going to go, and I thought that I would finally throw an article together about what I thought would happen. I'm going to give the top three options as far as the suitors and the chance that he goes to that city. So without further talk, let's get to the teams.


1. Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are still at the top of my list. They have the ability to offer two max contracts, and maybe a third depending, and it sounds like they are getting Boozer. James has always wanted to have a star point guard to run the team and is a willing passer as well, and Derrick Rose fits that description perfectly. Now, the question still remains, what other players will the Bulls bring in? So far they have a starting lineup of,

PG: Derrick Rose

SG: ?

SF: Luol Deng

PF: Joakim Noah/Taj Gibson

C: Taj Gibson/Joakim Noah

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