LeBron James and Kevin Garnett, Talking on the Phone Together?

May 12th, 2010 by Matt Petersen Leave a reply »
Following boos from his own fans, an accusatory interview session, and a long drive home, LeBron James sits on a throne-like arm chair in his living room.

The room is completely dark to fit the King's mood —a King who mentally debates the worth of his kingdom.

Cell phone in hand, LeBron purses his lips as he contemplates whether he should call his enemy for advice. Enemy yes, but maybe the only one who can empathize with how LeBron feels.

That last thought clinches it. LeBron hits the voice command key and says in a low voice, "Call. Kevin Garnett."

KG: 'Sup, 'Bron?

LBJ: Yo, man.

KG: Can't sleep? I couldn't either if I was you, bro.

LBJ: I know, bro. Just didn't have it tonight.

KG: I feel ya. What's up?

LeBron hesitates, readying himself to admit the inner bird's nest of thoughts he's kept hidden from the world. Finally, like a kid off a high-dive, he plunges in.

LBJ: What convinced you to leave Minnesota, bro?

Garnett pauses, realizing the import of Lebron's question, the honesty, and knowing it deserves an equally honest answer.

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