LeBron James: A Burning Love (Act 3)

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Like three horny 18-year-old boys at a strip club, the three all-stars began pointing and grinning at the girls trying to decide which one they wanted.

“I guess I’ll just take whatever one’s leftover,” Chris Bosh, said still shaking his head in awe at the Amy’s beauty.

LeBron felt another vibration in his pocket and reached in for his I-Phone. He looked at the screen to see 50 missed calls, 25 voicemails, 20 new texts, and this time one new picture message from Ms. Cleveland.

Intrigued, he clicked on it and a single picture of a clementine came to the screen with the text, “I miss you,” underneath. LeBron let out a slight chuckle then looked back to see Wade and Bosh sitting at a table with Pat Riley, along with the Amy’s on each of their laps.

The three ordered several bottles of champagne and were receiving dirty looks from the rest of the crowd.

“Come on over here, LeBron!” Wade shouted out. “This is the life, man!”

LeBron forced a smile then stealthily ducked away to the bathroom. As he approached the urinal, he began to wonder where the hell Shaquille had d ...

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