LeBron James: A Burning Love (Act 1)

December 17th, 2010 by Chris O'Brien Leave a reply »
This summer's free agency was so big and so historic it could not possibly be contained to one massive note, so I have divided the saga into three, somewhat massive Acts.

Enjoy Act 1—Act 2 shall be up soon, with a potential for Act 3 depending on how long Act 2 is.

A Burning Love

“What do I have to do to make you happy?!” LeBron yelled as he stormed out of the bedroom.

The 6’8, 250 pound James slammed the door behind him and strode his way down the hallway. The sound of his footsteps reverberated throughout the house and in an instant Ms. Cleveland came sprinting out of the bedroom after him.

“What do you have to do?!” she said throwing her hands into the air as she ran towards him. “What do I have to do!”

“Oh give me a break Ms. Cleveland, I’ve given everything to you, I’m the one who made you relevant,” LeBron yelled back as he began throwing his tooth brush and Vitamin waters into a Nike backpack. “All your boyfriends before me were losers, complete and utter losers.”

“Oh is that so!” Ms. Cleveland said, positioning herself in ...

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